Umdum Submission Guidelines

Umdum is a categorized directory of web sites which lives by the mission of delivering trusted results which are reviewed by our expert editorial team for quality search results, targeted traffic, and powerful directory listings.

In an effort to build the amount of sites listed in our quality directory, we are offering submittals of sites by site owners to our niche categories. Sites can be submitted along with a service fee which covers the time, costs, and wages of our Umdum directory editors. Unlike some other directories, the Umdum fee is a one time service cost which will assure the inclusion of your site among the Umdum quality sites listings for the lifetime of Umdum and/or your web site.

In an effort to speed up the review and inclusion of your site in our directory categories, we ask that before submitting to Umdum you read the following Submittal Guidelines.

Choose The Most Relevant Category

We can not emphasize enough the importance of submitting your site to the most relevant and appropriate category. Having your site in the most appropriate and targeted category will bring your the most pinpoint traffic available and help with your overall search engine marketing goals.

When choosing a category keep the following things in mind:

  • Dig down in the category listings to make sure you are in the right area
  • Are the other sites listed similar to yours?
  • Is your competition listed? If so, you’d want to also be listed in the same category.

Submitting Your Site

In the Umdum site submittal form we ask for three important descriptive factors of your site; Title, Description and Keywords.

Here are some examples of the type of information which is acceptable, and which is not:


Submit Titles which include your company or site name.


Search Engine Journal
News and information on the happenings of search engines.

Not Acceptable:

Search Engine Optimization
News and information on the happenings of search engines.


The description of your website or web page should be as long as possible without exceeding the limit of 200 characters. Objectively describe your website or web page without promotional language or superlatives.

Acceptable :

CarParts Technologies, Inc.
A wide variety of parts, tools, chemicals, cleaning supplies and accessories.


CarParts Technologies, Inc.
The BEST Selection of Car Parts in the Universe!

CarParts Technologies, Inc.
Buy our Car Parts and Look Cool


Keywords help define your site, help us review your offerings, and will help your site show up in search engine results. When submitting keywords think of the most relevant words which describe your site, service or offering and also include the type of terms your customers would use when looking for you.

Only use relevant keywords. Spamming the keyword field with irrelevant popular terms will get your site nowhere.

Quality Sites & Unique Content

Umdum does not allow the following styles of web sites in our human edited directory:

  • Mirror sites : Sites which copy the content of other sites or are an exact copy.
  • Sites which are still under construction.
  • Redirects : Sites which act as doorway pages, redirecting to another URL
  • No Child Pornography
  • No Racism or Hate Sites
  • No sites promoting illegal activity
  • Real sites and not affiliate only or advertising only sites. If your site had no ads would it still be useful for the human reading it?
  • Affiliate or redirect links.
  • Sites including tracking code in the URLs. The mission of the directory is to list human edited quality sites with organic links to those sites.

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