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Umdum Helps You Find the Perfect Websites While Avoiding all the Junk

If you use a search engine, one search can give you millions of results. A lot of the results may be spammy. It can be difficult to determine which sites are reliable, and which ones are not. You may also be looking for the best price, the most enjoyable, or just a website that is not a scam. Umdum can help you find the perfect website while avoiding all the junk.

Umdum Web Guide is your guide to the web. Our motto is “Humanity At Work.” All the websites that we list are regularly reviewed by people, and not by computers like the search engines. While you won’t get the millions of results that a search engine will provide, you can be assured that you will get a selective collection of quality websites.

As time goes on, we are also adding topical guides to our site. This will provide you with the background information that you need to be a savvy consumer when searching the internet.

Don’t be dumb – use Umdum to find quality websites.

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If you want to include your website in our index, first, identify the single best category for your site and the most specific location. You will find an “Add Url” link. Follow the instructions on the submission form carefully, and submit it.

If you submit to a specific location (for instance, Seattle) your site will be shown also in more general ones (Washington State, United States, North America and “World”)

Our goal is to make this directory as useful as possible for our users, for this reason all submissions are subject to editor review and possible rejection.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit only web sites offering unique content.
  • Submit only web sites in English
  • Submit your web sites to the single most relevant category
  • Do not submit search engines, directories or resources indexes, just sites offering directly products and/or services
  • Do not submit duplicated sites
  • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word
  • Do not include prices or offers

Express Submission ($50)

Your web site will be reviewed within 2 business days. The payment is a one time fee.

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