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7 Ways to Promote Your Website

There has never been a better time to start or promote your website than now. Every visionary, big thinker, budding founder, and innovator is leveraging big data to create and grow their businesses. The internet revolution is unfolding at lightning speed. Data shows that there are now over 1.7 billion websites on the World Wide Web. Placing a website online is much easier and cheaper than it was two decades ago. For this reason, web developers are churning out thousands of new sites every day. This low barrier of entry makes it much harder for a website to get not just visits, but customers. Internet users will not flock to a site, just because you have it up and running. The competition for customers and readership out there is fierce. So how can you capture the attention of the online user? Promote your website using these strategies below. 1.     Perfect Your SEO Every website wants to be on Google’s first page of results. After all, data shows that 67% of

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January 16th, 2021
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